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Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Year, A New Coach, a New Blog, and A Farewell

Since this blog was created to document the Josh McDaniel's coaching era, it is my pleasure to put it to rest. I'll leave it up for archival purposes only of a fans point of view on this whole fiasco.

My passion as a fan of the Denver Broncos runs deep in my family. Football, Basketball, and Baseball are all American Sports created here in America just like Apple Pie! I love living, breathing, and working in the Greatest Country in the World. It is because of the freedoms that we posses as American citizens that people like me can express their opinion. Whether it be about a silly team in the Central Rockies or about the President of the United States, it's our right and part of our freedom that has been bought and paid for by the blood of American Patriots.

I'll start another Blog, this time without a coaching time frame in mind.

God Bless the internet, and God Bless America.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Want John Gruden to be the New Coach for the Broncos

For a coach, I think John Gruden is the way to go.

During his tenure (while having to work for Al Davis...) he built a team that in his 3rd year Won the AFC West and lost to eventual Super Bowl winners the Baltimore Ravens.

In his 4th year the Raiders won the AFC West again, but because of "The Tuck Rule" in the AFC Playoffs, they lost to eventual Super Bowl winners New England Patriots.

What was to be his 5th year with the Raiders, Gruden was traded to Tampa Bay for pocket change ($8 million) and 4 draft picks. That year the Raiders won the AFC West for the 3rd straight year and went on to the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately for the Raiders they faced Tampa Bay who was coached by John Gruden (Karma's a bitch Mr. Al Davis is all to familiar with.) They continued to use John Gruden's offense making very little changes, and because of it Tampa Bays Defense was able to predict most of the plays and utterly Destroyed Gruden's old Raiders team. Gruden won his first and only Superbowl.

I think he knows how to build a team on both sides of the ball even though he is an Offensive minded coach. I also believe he can evaluate talent and use what he has and draft players that we need. He was able to step in and fill Tony Dungy's shoes in Tampa Bay and take them to a Super Bowl. Hell, he had Brad Johnson as QB and he went to the Pro Bowl that year. I really don't see a down side to make him head coach. Especially after a year like this, how low can we go?

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Broncos McHoodie Era has ENDED!!!

Pat Bowlen, owner of the Denver Broncos, announced earlier today that he FIRED coach Josh McDaniel's!

I hate to say this but I think this was a BAD decision. I actually believed that he had become humbled after the beat downs the Broncos have been getting over the current season. We've lost 6 out of our last 7, and are 5 of 17 since. We're out of playoff contention again.

So what's new? We fell short last year and didn't come close this year.

Josh made a lot of bad decisions, made the Denver Broncos his version of the New England Patriots, and lost more games than won because of it. He has been fined, been forced to acknowledge many players he once had the privileged to coach are now flourishing for other teams, and FIRED defensive coordinator Mike Nolan that took a defense from 30th to 6th last year. A defense we sorely need now.

My opinion was that he had all the pieces already set for him to be successful. He found the perfect defensive coordinate last year in Mike Nolan. In two years he dismantled it all to rebuild a new team.

Now in the midst of rebuilding, the builder is let go and an outsourced contractor has to come in and keep building, or tear it all down and start all over.

If there is any lesson that Josh probably needs to learn, is that you have to be able to coach EVERY TYPE of PLAYER, and not just a bunch of YES MEN! That includes players that constantly ask WHY? Players are intelligent and persistent in getting results as well as answers. DO AS I SAY OR ELSE will not work with players with questions.

So with the team surrounded by YES men, none of them have to answer for his dismissal. They all just have to agree with the decision, which is what they have been groomed to do.

McDaniel's is a great quarterbacks coach. And the players who will be hurt the most is Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn. Believe it or not I believe Kyle Orton is a graduate of the McDaniel's school of quarterbacks. Kyle will be fine where ever he goes since I really don't think he has much of a chance to stay in Denver. I believe in K.O. but I don't think most fans do. And since Bowlen, like ceasar, has hearkened to the FAN's request for BLOOD, it's McDaniel's who's blood stains the grass on INVESCO.

I'm already looking forward to next year now. The next 4 games are rubbish since we'll probably have a new head coach at seasons end.


Broncos 6 Chiefs 10

Kansas City made it quite clear that they were not going to let Kyle Orton air it out all over the place like he did a few weeks ago. They mostly dropped back in coverage and baited Orton to try and throw at them. He was 9 for 28 against a pass ready defense.

Knowshon Moreno finally showed up and had 161 rushing yards, which is a career best in a losing effort. My nick name for him is 'No-show' since this was only his second +100 yard game. That's pretty dismal for a 1st round draft pick.

Hind sight is 20/20, but in recent games we were willing to throw the ball on just about every play when the pass was working. It just seems the same philosophy should apply if we're rushing the ball. They are dropping a lot into coverage and playing a tight man, even double teaming. The only guys left to stop the rush were a couple line backers once past the D-line. Also, McD should have rotated in Buckhalter to keep the running game fresh. That's my 2 cents on the game. Latz.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Well, the last time I felt like posting anything, we were running at .500! Now we're running at .375! Although that isn't a bad batting average, it's a disastrous win to loss statistic.

Oh well, what can I say that I haven't said before?

We've won 1 game since being 2-2, and that was a complete 29-49 ass kicking of the Kansas City Chiefs. We ran up the score in the first half 0-35 which was plenty to secure the win. That' is the only high note of this seven game stretch.

A couple week prior to KC, we got our asses handed to us in little chunks by the Raiders at Invesco 59-14!

A week prior in London, England we cheated by video taping the 49'ers and still managed to loose 16-24.

Getting bounced by Baltimore was a gimme, take a look at last years game and it was pretty much the same.

Our most recent wounds is from San Diego. I've said if we are going to win the AFC west anytime in this next decade, we're going to have to beat San Diego twice a season. Philip Rivers just have it in his back pocket to kick our asses... oh and a bunch of tall wide receivers to out jump our pygmy size DB's.

Regardless, coach McDaniels had dragged our beloved Denver Bronco's organization into scandal with Spygate II! He's in charge of his staff, therefore he is accountable. There is no excuses he can come up with to make this any less worse than it already has become. I'm glad we lost the game to San Fransisco, else this would be much worse than it already has become. It is pretty sad though to cheat and still lose. I wonder what the player that DO HAVE HIGH AMOUNTS OF INTEGRITY think of their head coach now! That has to hurt. :-(

It's not like I'm not going to be a fan in the future, I'll always be a fan of the Denver Broncos. The only way I'd change allegiance is if an immediate family member played for another team.

We've had our bad years in the past... Any one remember when Wade Philips was OUR COACH and not Dallas' former coach? Yeah, those were some pretty sad years.

I'm guilty for wanting Shanahan out... so I guess this is what I get in return. I can live with McDaniels for the rest of the season. Maybe even next year too, because I've been through all those miserable years before the Super Bowls wins that put us on the map, (including the 4 Super Bowl losses.) This will all come to pass, and in a year or so the Broncos will be back on top... of the AFC West at least.

But since we're in the gutter and the bottom feeders right now, I'm just wondering who the next great rivalry we're going have in our division once we turn it around? I'll say Oakland since they're due. Back when Elway was playing it was the Chiefs, now it's the Chargers, so the round robin tells me it's the Raiders for the next decade once we turn it all around! Latz.

Monday, October 4, 2010


With four games down the Bronc's look like one dimensional team that is airing it out all over the field. The problem is going to be keeping Kyle Orton healthy if the running game shows no sign of improvement.

The loss to Jacksonville was pretty inexcusable. They played poorly.
The win over Seattle was dominating. Especially since they beat San Diego.
The loss to Indianapolis was expected, but there were flashes of briliance.
The win over Tennessee was impressive. There defense was admirable and a cheap shot defense.

The team is definitely prepared for Baltimore both mentally and physically.

Orton is sharp, but if Baltimore can get to him quicker than Tennessee, the Tim Tebow era might start quicker than I would like to see.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Post July 4th Post

So what has happened since the collapse of last year's playoff run?

Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan was fired after having the #7 defense (#28 in 09')
Brandon Marshall (WR) traded to the Miami Dolphins for draft picks.
Tony Scheffler (TE) traded to the Detroit Lions for draft picks.
Peyton Hillis (FB/HB) traded to the Browns for Brady Quinn.

Demaryius Thomas (WR)
Tim Tebow (QB?)
Eric Decker (WR)

Don 'Wink' Martindale is now Defensive Coordinator?
Defensive Front line make over with:
Signed Jamal Williams - coming in 13th year, previous 12 with San Diego.
Justin Bannan - coming in 9th year, previous 4 with Baltimore, 4 with Buffalo
Jarvis Green - coming in 9th year, previous 8 with New England

These are the most notable changes.

Right now everything is up for grabs. Hopefully Vincent Jackson holds out for 10 games and San Diego will be less effective on the passing game with out him.

As far as Oakland, letting go of Jamarcus Russell as primary QB is bad bad bad for Denver. He was many reasons alone why we beat them. They aren't going to roll over for us this year.

Kansas City supposedly had a great draft. I haven't kept up with what they did.

I just want a better record than the 8-8 average record from the past two years.

Let's go Broncos.